Dining that’s just your style

Discover your IU Dining options

IU Dining serves everything from hearty breakfasts to midnight snacks in its many locations across campus.

Although most IU Dining facilities are located in residence halls, it also makes healthy (and not so healthy) snacks available in classroom buildings and library facilities through its Campus Cafes.

Get the scoop on IU Dining

Check out the restaurants at the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU)

天辰娱乐app下载Whether you’re longing for some Starbucks, craving a healthy salad, or hungry for something sweet, the IMU has what you want.

天辰娱乐app下载IMU restaurants aren’t included in RPS dining plans. But you can use the money on your to get discounted meals and snacks.

See what’s available at the IMU

Explore the Bloomington food scene

There’s a reason Bloomington continues to show up in top-10 food city lists all across the Internet. The food here is delicious.

You’ll find the usual pizza places and pubs. But you’ll also find tons of ethnic eateries, and dozens of restaurants that emphasize local food.

Living off campus

天辰娱乐app下载Looking for somewhere to live off campus? You have plenty of options in Bloomington. You’ll find everything from budget studios to luxury apartments, and houses of all shapes and sizes.